Gear for ten days canoeing on the Allier River in France

The Allier is on the central Masif in France.   It is just West from Lyon.   The trip is from Prades to Moulins.  Canoes are rented and six of us will paddle the Prades to Langeac route the first day.  The trip will be from July 27th to August 6th.   It should be fun as there are some nice Class 3 rapids.  The following is a listing of what I will be bringing with some pics to follow.  Note that we have plenty of resupply for food and wine so not much to say on that.  As weight is not a problem on this trip I will not worry about bringing slightly heavier things than usual.
Note:  My checked bag with all gear and life jacket,  throw bag, some food and stuff was 12.0 Kgs.  Fine with that.

1. The big three.  Waterproof canoe pack.   Inside I will put the usual liner and additional bags. 600 gms (?)  Worked fine.

ZPacks Cuben Fibre Duplex tent as it is just 400 grams or so and will drop my check in weight by a Kilo.   Total tent weight with hiking poles, guys, pegs and string of red LED lights is 900 grams.

1.B  Montbell 900 #5 ultralight sleeping bag.  I was actually a bit surprised to be chilly in this bag one night at 3 degrees so I will keep it for minimum 5 degrees and go to my warmer bag below that.

1.C  Thermarest NEO AIR pad. 

1.D  Silk liner (MEC)  to keep bag clean or use by itself if it is hot enough.  Worked nicely alone but using the pillow slot is a pain if you try to turn over.

1.E  MEC little self inflating pillow. Just tiny and since it is summer almost need nothing anyway.   

Total 1192 gms for sleep kit.   If going very light I could leave out the pillow, the liner, and the outer bag and the dry bag as it would go into another dry bag anyway.  Canoeing I  like layers of water proofing.  Use Zpacks cuben dry bags.
I did bring the Zpacks pillow fleece bag but it got pretty stinky so I will not use it in the future I think.

2.  Clothing.

fast dry river pants from MEC.   My favorites for years.  one pair
shorts - one pair fast dry.  Worked superbly as always.

Icebreaker underwear - 2 pairs.

Keen water shoes for being in the canoe all day.  Worked very well.

Saucony Kinvara 6 trail runners for land wear and some hiking before or after the trip.  SUPERB,

Light hiker socks - three pairs.  Smartwool are my preferred.

Icebreaker T shirt.  Icebreaker mid layer.  PERFECTION

Montbell Light Down jacket for cool nights in case.   I don't expect it will be used but my rule is never to be cold.

Hat - ZPacks pointy hat for sun protection and rainy days.  Or maybe just a nike cap.   The Nike cap got brushed off into the river when we went under a tree. The pointy hat does not work well alone and slides around.  I will update it with a bridle tie as well.  I just bought a replacement Nike hat anyway.

Buff.   Since I got one from Gerhard and Marlies I have never been without.  Used on chilly enenings.

Wind jacket - Montbell Tachyon.  Used only once this trip.

Rain jacket - Zpacks of course!  Perfection for long paddling in the rain.

Rain pants - Montbell.  Great kit.  A bit loose on waist so I will add mitten hooks to my ZPACKS rain jacket to hold them up.

3.  Tings bag - in waterproof cuben pouch.
Not happy with my stuff in this area.  Too much jumble of tech stuff.   I am going to revisit the tech stuff and probably give it its own ZPACKS littlebag.
Go Pro Hero 3+ and mount for canoe and two extra batteries.   Maybe bring solar charger for fun.  Didn't.
Samsung Galaxy 3 phone.  I will get sim card in Lyon with data for a month.  Got a 10 Day one for ten Euros at Orange.  Great deal.

charger plug and mini and micro and apple cables.   One mini backup battery cell.
Moleskin small notebook and sharpie.
hearing aids and spare batteries and domes.
Petzl Micro E+LITE Headlamp. 27 gms. superb and always left in tent.  Used a lot.

Glasses - transitions plus holders so they will not disappear if we tip!
Emergency Bottle and First Aid.  See below.

4.  Emergency bottle and First Aid.  I use a prescription bottle to hold:
- gorilla tape - have often used it on trips.  I bring a meter of it.  Used some again!
- needle and floss.  Good for blisters or sewing.
- repair patch for neo air.  Essential in case.  Not in bag but used some cuben tape i have in tent kit to repair one sleep pad.
- Victorinox tiny knife with scissors.
- cold sore cream.
First Aid kit contains blister patches and a few bandaids.  BandAid brand seem best.  Liquid nuskin. Tape. Muskol
I used to bring safety pins but have never used one so now I do not bother with them.  For longer trips I would add a pair of small surgical scissors.

5.  Drug bottle
Pills are helpful when travelling as headaches, muscle pain, infections and such can and do occur.
Ibuprofin, Ibuprofin PM, Robax ( great for back aches plus makes you sleep like a baby).  need to add some antihistimine as someone needed that.
Never be without something for headaches as it you get one without meds around it is miserable.  Plus you can help others if needed.   Prescription meds as needed.

6.  Toilet bag.   Ziplock bag with:
- toothbrush and small paste.  small soap bar, small shampoo bottle, floss.
- One quarter of a travel towel.  Good.
- comb, razor.
- deodorant.  I use gel but squeeze it into a tiny plastic container and finger it on.
- baby wipes.   Always good to keep fresh if a shower is not handy.

7.  Canoe stuff.

Life Jacket with little bottle of Jamesons for emergencies!
Canoeing knife NRS Pilot attached to life jacket.
Fox 40 Whistle on life jacket.
Gatorade Bottles.  Free and easy to replace.
Small waterproof bag for day stuff so as not to lose things if we swim.  Used Salomon trail running backpack.  Could reduce to something better but it is good for the travel parts.
Throw Bag .  Additional 10 Meters of Dymena rope for tarp setup or other uses (not used).

8.  Food

MSR Pocket Rocket.  I have it all in a little kit including safe soap leaked), cloth, Fuel, cup plate and spork.
Caldera Cone alcohol stove kit.  Brought it but due to a problem it was stepped on.  It still works but looks weird.

I bag of Meusli and some Cliffe bars.  good idea.

Jamesons - goes without saying for a drop in the evening but find plastic bottle!

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