Gear for five days canoe trip in Algonquin Park. September 2015

No weight issues as there will be little or no portaging.
Weather expected:  plan for high of 22, low of 10 at night.
Location: Achray put in - camp on bay off Grand Lake.  Meetup companions.  No whitewater sadly.

Canoe -  Kevlar 16' three paddles, one life jackets, one throw bag
Pack - Canoe Waterproof pack.
Tent - Zpacks Duplex. - add new clips.
Sleep Kit - Montbell Down Hugger 900 #5 good to 3 degrees C.
NeoAir, MEC pillow, MEC Silk Liner.  All in waterproof bag.

Standard fall kit.

Toilet kit.   400grams including tootbrush, paste, deoderant, tongue scraper, small shampoo, small soap, Toilet Paper, Wipes, comb.  All in eagle creek toilet silnylon bag.

Ting Bag.

Technology bag.

First Aid Kit. BLister pads, nuskin pads, nuskin liquid, bandaids, alcohol wipes, 1 bandage larger.
plus bear spray.

Cookset and dishes.
Bringing saw, knives, cutting board.

Food Bag - menu.
Chili plus bread for five people on Wednesday night.  Andrea's world famous chili frozen in the pot.

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